LogoAICL (Apex Insurance Consultant Limited) is a company formed under Indian Companies Act 1956 as a Limited Company. The company is proud to be backed by the professionals having strong financial hold. The exclusive feature of the company is that this is the only company in India, which has been formed as a complete risk Management Company for medical practitioners. With its trained technical professionals, company had analyzed the details of services required on every step of professional practice of a doctor and has also prepared itself to meet the future challenges in form of different medico-legal problems and litigations. While going through the incorporation of this company each and every aspect of the problems, suffering and available protections for a medical practitioner has been scrutinized so that a best service platform can be created. The company at present is armed with highly experienced professionals from different fields of service industry and from insurance field in particular.


Difference between a new or duplicate company in the market and AICL

We all know that in this world any invention or thought is being copied instantly as soon as it arrives. We are also not different and in many places we are helplessly watching doctors being victimized by these companies whose major USP lays in cheap rates and false promises. First of all you have to understand that the crises which is being faced by medical fraternity is a complex one and certainly can’t be dealt by any tom, dick and harry. It requires a big infrastructure, proper placement of teams, best experts, accessible lawyers and offices in all major metros which unfortunately no one have except AICL. They lure you by juicy tales and then very low rate but you often get cheated as it is not your service they are concerned about but the money for their survival. There are as many as 9 so called companies in different part of the country with one shop office and they claim that they are locals. As a company of values it is our duty to aware you from these facts. There is and always will be a difference between BMW and Nano and you must be very careful while choosing a risk management because your personal and professional liabilities are most important.


Why every medical establishment and Practitioner needs us?

  • India's only risk Management Company in a complete or true sense with its nationwide operation.
  • A truly international standard service company with India's topmost legal and medico legal professionals.
  • 24x7 services right at your doorstep.
  • Online connectivity with all experts. 100% crisis managementinfrastructure.
  • A platform to study national and international trends, problemsand safety measurements through its dedicated website andregular journal.
  • Get covered for all cases including personal, medico legal, CPA,criminal and medical councils. This service is not given ormanaged by any other company or agents.
  • Get participated in our medico legal events, seminars or lectureswhich currently you are being deprived of and which we organizeon regular intervals.
  • More than 2000 empanelled lawyers to give a big accessibility andhelp in event of crisis. Due to our national infrastructure you mustbe reassured of getting on time services anywhere.
  • Get recovery of hospital bills. Get your hospital documents andrecords as per medical and legal standard set by the governmentand get it checked periodically. All free from our experts.
  • Get covered for all acts like PNDT, MTP, Labour, etc. which is notinsured by any other company.
  • We are recommended from different IMA's including IMA Asansol,IMA Varanasi & IMA Kolkata Branch (JIMA Office)