Earth APEX

Apex Infra Pvt. Ltd

Earth Apex, a constituent of the Earth Apex Group, offers the complete range of services related to purchase/sale/leasing of residential and commercial property.

Property has long been considered a good investment. However, many property buyers feel constrained due to lack of expertise in evaluating properties, both from the investment point of view as well as for own residential or commercial use.

With over four decades of experience in the investment advisory business and a reputation of being an unbiased and independent advisor, Bajaj Capital Reality was rightly poised to enter the real estate advisory business. Earth Apex Reality was born in April 2006. Earth Apex Realty - Four Decades of Excellence For over four decades, Earth Apex has been helping people realise their aspirations by investing wisely. Today, Earth Apex is one of India's foremost Financial Planning and Investment Advisory companies, with a strong presence all over the country. We take pride in serving our customers - both individual and institutional - and are known for our strong professionalism and work ethics.



APEX Orthowears

Apex Orthowears

are India's only Compression Stocking & Compression Garment company with nation wide full services.

  • Customized and tailor made design
  • Supervision of technically qualified experts
  • Own medical advisory board with different specializations
  • 24x7 open help lines for greater connectivity and service support
  • Lab tested best cotton fabrics
  • Doorstep expert service
  • Free progressive correction (defected / loose) with best technical & medical advice
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Guaranteed result
  • Full range of orthotics/compression garments