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Law related specifically to the hospitals-

Under this act, mtp is permitted to be performed only in places approved by the government. The government ‘b’ form is needed to be displayed at such approved centre. These centres are required to have a safe and hygienic environment- operation table, surgical instruments, anaesthesia and resuscitation equipment, drugs and infusions. Law related specifically to the hospitals.

The act permits the performance of mtp-

  • (A) For foetus up to 12 weeks of gestation, the opinion of one registered medical practitioner (rmp) suffices.
  • (B) For gestations between 12 and 20 weeks two rmps need to give their opinion for an acceptable indication for mtp.2. Law related specifically to the hospitals human organ transplantation act 1994.

A person can will donate upon his death his tow eyes[cornea], two kidneys, heart and liver in addition to eardrum and ear bones. Transplantation of these human organs is being carried out world over for quite some time now. While the advanced countries have become more tuned towards organized cadaver organ transplantation progeammes, countries like ours are still running this programmer with live donors of some organs, in particular kidneys. This has led to flourishing of illegal organ retrieval and transplantation by doctors in unauthorized institutions, under lure of money with the help of middlemen.

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