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Risk Management


Risk Management

Simply put without it and it will grow and relationships are damaged in the long term, short term, or both.

When something goes wrong, no matter who is at fault and regardless of the reason, someone must tell the story as quickly as possible. Will there be a 'spin' on that story that will make the establishment or person look good? Probably. But that's not necessarily bad as long as there aren’t lies and deliberate distortions that will come back to haunt you later. Ducking the issue or letting the media or people tell the mass about a crisis or its underlying causes is never a good idea.

Risk Management

Big or small no one is immune from risk or crises-

From big financial institutions to the government to business houses to hospitals to doctors no one can escape from crisis. There have been good stories as well as the bad stories in crisis management and the world has seen its consequences. The fire in MRI hospital Kolkata was not intentional but how poorly it was managed by the establishment is known to everyone. In our modern society there are ever increasing numbers of people who believe, often justifiably, that big doctors, hospitals or companies don’t give a damn about them. The internet, coffee shops, legal consultants are great place to vent frustrations. Some people will, of course, vent more than others. From Cadburys to coke to Johnson & Johnson to any big or small establishment everyone have stories of crisis to tell. Of course the smart ones come out with good story.

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